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Things to know before booking

If you are getting a Sewin styles or Closure styles please send a picture of your hair via email.


✨If you would like any baby hairs on your closure, purchase a 4x4 or 5x5 HD or Swiss Lace closure from a hair boutique who sale those.  I will not use beauty supply HD/Swiss lace closure to make any natural look.  For this method please bring your closure to the shop 48hrs before your appointment for me to pre pluck&bleach the knots.



✨If you purchase a closure from the beauty supply I am only able to do a basic parting. Side or middle, no baby hairs. 


✨Due to COVID there are no extra people allow to your appointment and please wear a mask. 


✨If you are sick please stay at home.


✨I don’t  do frontals, only 4x4/ 5x5 closures.


✨Read the details for the service you would like to book, all details on each style. 

There will be A $2 processing fee added to each service. 

✨When there a special payments are paid in full to secure your appointment, payments are non refundable. I allow once change to reschedule in the same month if there’s any openings. 


✨If you choose to cancel your appointment for any reasons,m the payment will still be non refundable. 


✨All payments are refundable if the stylist “Leeza” cancels. 


✨ If you are booking a appointment for someone else please make sure you are booking the service under their name,number and email.


✨If you try to dispute any payments you will no longer be able to get service from Leestyles.


✨ If you are 10mins late your appointment will be canceled and payment is non refundable…

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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